Report on 96th Inaugural Session of the West Bengal State Centre

After the completion of 95th Annual General Meeting of the West Bengal State Centre, the 96th Inaugural Session was started at 16.00 hrs on 1st November 2015 at Sir R N Mookerjee Hall of the Institution of Engineers (India), West Bengal State Centre, 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata – 700 020. Shri R Macwan, Managing Director, Jardine Henderson Limited graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Shri M P Jalan, Executive Chairman, Ramkrishna Forgings Limited illuminated the Chair as Guest of Honour.

In the 96th Inaugural Session of the West Bengal State Centre, while delivering his welcoming address Shri Sisir Kumar Banerjee, Chairman, WBSC, IEI expressed his best wishes for Happy Vijaya and Diwali to the dignitaries and Members present on and off the Dais. He talked about a brief history of IEI which was established in 1920 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. It has 105 nos. of State and Local Centres and 6 nos. of different fora viz. Water Management Forum, Rural Development Forum, Engineering Staff College of India, National Design and Research Forum, Sustainable Development Forum and Safety and Quality Forum.

Shri Jayanta Kumar Dutta , Jt. Honorary Secretary, WBSC, IEI introduced the Guest of Honour Shri Mahabir Prasad Jalan. Shri Jalan obtained his Engineering Degree from BIT Pilani. After serving different organization he was attached with M/s. Ramkrishna Forgings Limited more than two decades and at present he is the Executive Chairman of the Company. He expressed that Forging is a vast subject and if something to be told on this subject, it will take at least 4 hours. Hence he wished to highlight some of the salient points on Forgings. M/s. Ramkrishna Forgings started their journey at Liluah, Howrah, where they have been working for mainly Railways and Defence .Now they are having 5 works at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. The Company is producing quality forging components with the help of fully automated Robotic Plant. They have also set up World’s biggest Forging Press in Germany and they projected for newest Technology and Infrastructure to set up highly mechanized Automobile Forging Industries. Starting from the definitions of Forging he explained how and why a forged materials are stronger and tougher than a cast and a rolled material. He mentioned about different Forgings Industries in India which are located at Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. In the Eastern part of India Ramkrishna Forging Limited is in the top most position.He talked also about critical Forged Spears from very small to as large as upto 150 tones in single pc.

Chief Guest,Shri R Macwan, Managing Director M/s. Jardine Henderson Limited was made introduced to the Members by Shri Manas Kumar Sanyal, Jt. Honorary Secretary, WBSC, IEI. Shri Macwan in his deliberation wish to talk on simple matter with simple words and also within allotted time frame. He started his speech on Leadership. With reference to the Management Guru Mr. Petre, he expressed Leadership is the art of doing something which is intended to be done. Effective Leadership must have clear vision, motivation, inspiration and managing people. A Leader is to ensure that his team Members should have required qualities and skill for the job to be entrusted to them. Leader must be confident of what he is doing. A leader should also be a Mentor. A Leader should be more visualized about the decision taking or to be taken by them. A leader should take regular feedback of the jobs allotted to his men. Jobs should not be left to the people entirely without queries and progress to be done step by steps.

The Formal vote of thanks was proposed by Shri Kashmir Lal Mallik, Honorary Secretary, WBSC, IEI.