162nd Birthday Celebration of Sir R N Mookerjee

At the outset, the Celebration was started with the Inaugural Address delivered by Shri Sisir Kumar Banerjee, Chairman, WBSC, IEI . Shri P C Sen, Former Chairman and Managing director of Burn Standard Co. Ltd., Braithwait & Co. Limited and Peerless Group kindly graced the occasion as the Chief Guest on this memorable occasion. He concentrated his commemorative lecture on the subject of “Medium and Small Scale Industries – suggested Improvement”. He stressed on the futility of trying to woo only big business & multinationals which have big projects but they are not able to provide sufficient jobs which is the priority of all Governments give in the state of affairs in the Country this day. In the present scenario the joblessness is very high & farming alone cannot sustain the growing population of people at the bottom of the pyramid. C.K. Prahlad’s famous dictum fortune at the bottom of the pyramid worked for the last few years but is not doing so any more as per report of Economic Times in the month of May this year. Reason, people at the bottom are not earning enough, any more, to spend on Fast Moving Consumer Goods. This is aggravated by the fact that a large number of people are without means of earning. These people are fodder for the political parties and unsocial activities are done by them to make a living or take revenge on other parties at the bidding of Countries’ leaders.

r.n. mookerjee birthday celebration-1

r.n. mookerjee birthday celebration

Hence generating jobs should be one of top most priority items for reducing the unrest & turmoil in society. Big industries and the multinationals have not the capacity to generate jobs as per requirement. But what they cannot do, that can be done by the Medium, Small & Tiny Sector Units. The smaller the sector the more jobs per rupee invested.
There are challenges in the small sectors to create job potential and they have three major problems: – Technology,
Marketing and Finance. Technology can be provided by the Experts from the Institutions of Engineers (India) who
can easily guide the small entrepreneurs in right directions. Finance should be supported by the Financial Institutions as also Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi rightly said that poor women of rural sectors never default in paying due in right time and for Marketing Government should extent their help through Small Scale department by their large infrastructures. Multinationals by replacing man with machines developed through billion dollar research projects are only interested in maximizing profits & have no agenda for job creation whatsoever. They would leave the country if they find greener pastures elsewhere. This should be Vision & Mission of every Indian / Indian origin businessman who have a stake in the welfare of the Country apart from profits. Celebration of Sir R N Mookerjee’s 162nd Birthday was conducted befittingly in the presence of august gathering and concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Shri Kashmir Lal Mallik, Honorary Secretary, WBSC, IEI.